Single Mom Meow Author Is this real? Asian-class glamour hip line?


The cat writer of the webtoon “Goddess Kangrim” boasted a slim body.

On the 7th, author Meow Lee posted a picture of him during Pilates on his Instagram account. Author Meowi wrote with a photo, “It’s been half a year since I’ve been around Moafilte.”

The meow artist in the picture is doing pilates. The author Meow shows his all-time figure with a narrow waistline and a large goal line.

In addition, the author Meow boasts his beauty as if he had ripped through a cartoon. The beauty of the cat writer is not realistic.

Meanwhile, the author Meow is serializing “The Goddess Kangrim,” and the work has also been dramatized. He is currently in an open relationship with Jeon Seon-wook, the webtoon “Free Draw,” and he confessed to being a single mom in February and received a lot of support.

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