Smilegate CFS 2020 Ching Jiu won the championship after 3 years

Tsing Jiu won the ‘CFS 2020’ Grand Final, giving China the first cup in three years.

Smilegate said China’s Ching Ji-woo won the CFS 2020 Grand Final final at V.SPACE in Jung-gu, Seoul, 3-2 victory over Brazil’s Vinsheet Gaming. With the victory, Tsing Ji-woo won 300,000 U.S. dollars.

In the first set at Black Widow, Ching Ji-woo started on the defensive side. Ching Ji-woo’s “1998” Jang Lu-bin won a two-kill save in the third round, trailing 0-2, and in the fourth round that followed, he also got a save in a one-on-one situation to balance it 2-2. Afterwards, they exchanged sets one by one and finished the first half 4-5.

Tsing Ji-woo, who started the second half of the game in the offensive field, focused on the A site where he could secure a large space, winning the first three rounds and widening the score to 7-5 points. Later, when Vinceit Gaming reinforced A site’s defense, he tapped A site again using the central passage, and “Jewei” Yang Ji-Away led the game to finish 10 to 8.

The second set compound map also started with Ching Ji-woo’s defense. With the dominant map of the attack, Ching Ji-woo was in crisis by giving up the A site in the early stages. Although Li Ji-woo and Yang Ji-ahway scored occasionally, they finished the first half with a score of 3-6, but made a big turnaround in the second half. Jang Lu-bin, who had no other performance in the first half, has emerged as a hero by winning two consecutive two-kill saves in the 14th and 15th rounds. Tsing Ji-woo won 7-2 in the second half alone and crossed the seven-point ridge until the final 10-8 victory.

But Tsing Ji-woo’s victory was tough. Vinceit Gaming started to turn the tide by winning the third set on the port map 10 to 6 without any other crisis. Later in the fourth set, Ching Ji-woo won nine points first, but lost after an extended period of two C4 disintegrations, leading to the match to the final set.

In the final five sets of Ankara Maps, Ching Ji-woo failed to take advantage of the offense and lost the third round with the start. In the 4-4 situation of Ching Ji-woo’s “BEAN” kaopeng, even a sniper, a one-on-two confrontation took place, boldly changing the gun to M4A1 and winning the 9th and 10th rounds. Tsing Jiu then allowed a 6-7 reversal on Vinceit Gaming’s counterattack, but Kao Feng took center stage and finished the game 10-7. Kao Feng was considered the MVP of the day’s finals and did his part well.

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