Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min, who has become a world-class soccer star, is now making headlines for his vehicle.

“Son Heung-min is modest and usually likes to talk about his soccer shoes,” Britain’s The Sun said on the 4th (Korean time). However, Son has a supercar worth 1.5 million pounds (about 2.2 billion won. There are also rare super cars in his garage that only a few can ride,” he said, highlighting Son’s collection of super cars.

In particular, he paid attention to the “perari la Ferrari” that he has.” The media outlet said, “Only 499 vehicles were made in question, with Son owning one. To own the supercar, the buyer must also pass strict standards. “I changed my car to black because I heard that I couldn’t own the red color that symbolizes my rival Arsenal,” Son said.

Not only this, but even Son’s own cars, “The Sun” was interested. “Son Heung-min even possessed Audi R8 Coupé, Maserati Levant and Land Rover Range Rover Bentley Continental GT,” the media noted. There are not many cases in the U.K. that even mention a player’ hobby is mentioned. That much, Son Heung-min has become a remarkable player for many fans.

Son’s performance this season is amazing. Son also scored his 12th goal in a UEFA Europa League match against the LASKLINS. Except for Harry Kane and Dominic Calvert Lewin, none of the Premier League runners scored more goals than Son. Now Son Heung-min will prepare for the North London Derby against Arsenal on May 7.

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