Son Heungmin

Son Heungmin eye fracture? Will he be able to participate in the World Cup?

Son Heungmin

Son Heungmin (30, Tottenham Hotspur) was injured during the game on the 2nd.

Son Heungmin started the final Group D match against Marseille at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, France, on the 2nd, but fell on the ground in the 23rd minute of the first half when his face hit the opponent’s shoulder and was replaced in the 29th minute of the first half.

Son was seen celebrating Tottenham’s advance to the round of 16 with his teammates after the injury, but speculation is rising that he may have suffered an orbital fracture as his eyes are so swollen that he cannot open his eyes properly.

An orbital bone is the bone that surrounds the eyeball. The orbital bone is very thin and delicate. When a strong impact is applied around the eyes, the pressure of the tissues around the eyes rises momentarily. If the pressure suddenly rises, the eyeball is at risk of rupture. Because the orbital bone is thin, it breaks easily when severely impacted, lowering the pressure around the eyeball (eyeball). If the orbital bone is broken, it is an orbital fracture.

When an orbital fracture occurs, the area around the eye becomes extremely swollen. Severe injuries can interfere with eye movement, as the muscles that move the eye often get caught in broken bone fragments.

Lim Pyeong-jin, a specialist at Woori Plastic Surgery Clinic, explained, “Ophthalmic fractures vary depending on the degree of injury, and in any case, a recovery period of at least four weeks is required.” Director Lim went on to say, “If the injury is not severe, it may heal naturally, but if it is severe, eyeball depression may occur and surgery to transplant broken bone fragments may be necessary.”

If there is a problem with the function of the eye due to an orbital fracture, surgery should be performed. In general, CT is taken to check the size or location of the fracture and to determine the possibility of causing other complications.

Woo Kyung-in, an ophthalmologist at Samsung Medical Center, explained, “If the eyeball fracture is large and the degree of injury is severe, it can cause functional problems such as abdominal vision (overlapping) or eye movement disorders.”

It is rare for ophthalmic fractures to affect the optic nerve, causing vision damage. An ophthalmic fracture occurs simultaneously with a fracture in the base of the brain (lower part), and there is also a risk of serious vision loss if the optic nerve is touched.

Kim Seok-hwa, a professor of plastic surgery at Bundang Cha Hospital (Honorary professor at Seoul National University Medical School), said, “If you look at the symptoms and photos, you cannot rule out ophthalmic fractures or cheekbones depression.”

Professor Kim said, “Surgery is also possible three or four days after the swelling is reduced,” adding, “It may take more than a month to play normally.” In this case, it may be difficult to participate in the World Cup finals, which will open on the 20th of this month.

Some observers say that Son may have suffered a concussion. Concussion is a temporary brain failure and accompanied by loss of consciousness. Temporary memory loss after trauma, loss of support (the ability to point out or point out things), and confusion are also classified as concussions.

In general, when recovering without any special complications, there are rare cases in which cerebral hemorrhage occurs belatedly after no abnormal findings in the early stages.

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