STAY, you look like a free-spirited American high school student.


Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released an image of the October issue pictorial involving StayC (Soomin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon and Jaeyi) on the 27th.

In the pictorial, StayC appeared in the concept of a free-spirited American high school student and showed perfect visuals. STAYC’s unique charm, which feels elegant and chic at the same time, caught the eyes of viewers.

In addition to the pictorial, StayC confessed various stories related to its first mini-album “STEREOTYPE” through an interview with a magazine.

Regarding the title song “Color Glasses,” Stay introduced, “The first feeling is confident and powerful, but when I listen to it, there are surprisingly many touching parts.” In addition, “half and half makeup” and unique hairstyles were cited as points to watch on the stage.

The members also revealed personal episodes related to the album title “Fixed Ideas.” Sumin said, “People around me saw me as a cold image and couldn’t come to me easily. Later, a close friend replied, “I once said, “You even know how to laugh.” Jay said, “I don’t think people know well about the difficulties of this job because of its splendid appearance.” Issa confessed, “I’ve heard “You can’t be young,” and Sumin also expressed his belief that “I think we should work equally in our respective positions, whether we are old or not.”

More pictorials and stories of StayC, which are more anticipated in the future, can be found on the October 2021 issue of Cosmopolitan and the Cosmopolitan website.

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