The highest speed of 158 kilometers since the monster’s debut


Loki Sasaki (20. Chiba Lotte), who is known as the “Monster of Reiwa” by throwing 163 kilometers in high school, recorded the highest actual speed since his debut.

Sasaki started the game against Junichi of “Gala Show Match” held at the Vanterin Dome on the 3rd, allowing only one hit until the fifth inning and throwing well without losing a point.

It was the arrest that caught the eye. Sasaki, who is performing on the stage for the first time in his second year as a professional, used to leave a regret as his speed remained in the mid-150-kilometer range.

However, as the summer has come, the restraint is getting faster. He threw 158 kilometers for the first time on the day, when 157 kilometers was the highest speed ever.

Sasaki also shot 158 kilometers in simulation batting on March 24. However, this is the first time that 158 kilometers have come out of the competition.

As long as it goes up at this pace, the 163 kilometers achieved in high school are also challenging enough.

Junichi’s batting line, which was completely blocked by Sasaki until the fourth inning, escaped perfection as lead hitter Vishido hit a 155km fast ball to base with a heavy hit.

Vichier heard the order of his shift and headed for the dugout, waving and frowning, perhaps because of the pain in his palm.

“I couldn’t cope with Sasaki’s fast ball at all. Our batting power was insufficient. “We must acknowledge this and correct it,” he said.

“First of all, the ball is fast. I felt the weight of the ball.Control was good and there were balls with fastballs moving around. “It was good to get one shot from such a good pitcher.”

“I felt a lot of angles and speed,” said Junichi Okabayashi, who struck out with a 158-kilometer fastball by Sasaki.I’m so sad that I couldn’t hit it. “I want to get revenge someday,” he said.

Sasaki did not take the mound even once last year. This was due to the assessment that physical condition and form that can touch a fast ball over 160 kilometers are the first priority.

He has been on the field since this season, but has yet to show a solid ace mode.

He has started five first-team games this season, recording one win, two losses and an ERA of 3.76.

His batting average is 0.283 and his strikeout/walkout ratio is 2.18. WHIP is high at 1.56.

However, it is definitely meaningful that the arrest is accelerating. If speed alone can overwhelm the batter, it will be able to produce much better results than now.

Expectations for Sasaki are rising again as long-term congestion speed rises rapidly.

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