The Little Mermaid dubbing board Ariel Newgins Daniel still has a lot to learn


“There’s still a lot to learn from Ariel Newzins Daniel, dubbed ‘The Little Mermaid’.”

Daniel’s pictorial of New Jeans has been released.

Daniel, who decorated the cover of the June issue of fashion magazine Dazed Korea, caught the eye with a chic atmosphere. Adding smoky makeup to expressionless and intense eyes, he showed a unique presence.

Daniel, who recently played the role of Ariel in the Korean dubbing of the movie “The Little Mermaid.” “My parents have given me various experiences related to music since I was young,” he said. “I still feel like I have a lot to learn, so I’m constantly looking for various stages and listening to seniors’ songs.”

Daniel, who usually cares about health care, also compared the members of Newzins to nutrients. “Minji is somewhat hard and always gives us the energy we need, so protein, magnesium, and Hani are cute and healthy in body and mind, and Haerin is vitamin A, and Hyein is vitamin C because of her unique freshness, he said.

The full text of Daniel’s pictorials and interviews can be found in the June issue of Dazed Korea and on the website

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