Kim Se-jung

The reason why I shed tears every day after Kim Se-jung’s Red Book performance.

Kim Se-jung

I didn’t know much about musicals. So I’m asking a lot of senior artists about musicals that you can see and challenge.”

Kim Se-jung is playing the main character in the musical “Red Book.” In the conservative 19th-century England, the role of Anna, an independent woman who endured the exhaustion of reality and dreamed of the future, is well harmonized.

“I didn’t have much information about the play, but I always wanted to continue the musical. There was always an expectation that what was obtained would be different. The section where I was stuck was the part where I had to go on stage to learn. I don’t know if there’s a different vocalization, and I thought I could pull something from inside, not end up in this scene, but I was in a state of what to do. I thought I should go on stage, but I think it’s a good thing I came. ”

“Red Book” is likely to be remembered as a unique piece of Kim Se-jung’s filmography.

“I think I did a great job. If I do musicals in the future, I think I’ll look for a new play with the first questions I got from “Red Book”. I don’t know what kind of filmography I’m going to build afterwards, but I think all the first question marks will start with “Red Book.” Everything is so perfect that I’m happy. The members who worked with me are good, the song is good, and it’s not easy for the three of us to get hit. It won’t be easy to meet this kind of scene, so I think I’ll always miss you.”

Kim Se-jung said that she would do well in the performance by reflecting on her shortcomings and reviewing them because it was her first time on SNS after the preview performance. His determination is based on his performance on the stage.

“I think I’m a lot better than then. The fact that I’m looking back on the stage because I’m so sad means that I’m not in the concert. If you live in a concert, you won’t be able to read what’s going on on on the stage. It was frustrating to read it. He’s self-conscious. What should I do if I look like a lie when I express my feelings? What should I do if the audience feels it? I didn’t want to stand in front of the audience looking shy and lacking. I cried a lot after the preview.

Kim Se-jung, who was teary-eyed thinking about the time, shed tears. “I cried every day until the third episode,” he said.

“I was frustrated because my curiosity didn’t go away, but Hong Woo-jin, who plays Lorelei, asked me if I could do an acting study.” I was invited to a study and I got so much help. I finally thought I had someone to talk to. If I had any questions after the performance, I felt better by looking back on them.”

Kim Se-jeong, who looks cheerful and active, is very nervous on stage. “I tremble a little too much to be called an asiatic tree. “I’m the Asi Tree 1 and Ivy is the Asi Tree 2,” he smiled 비아그라구매

Nevertheless, he is showing stable performance on stage. It also smoothly performs various numbers such as “What am I,” “On an Old Bed,” “Love Is Like,” “I Speak Me,” and “I Am a Racy Woman.”

“Tiffany mentioned it, but in the end, we’re singing a song that’s a different genre. I don’t think it’s right to say that you got it wrong after seeing the singing style first. Instead, I try not to make mistakes in the parts where I have to deliver emotions to the audience, make high notes, not be swayed, and deliver lyrics. I’m taking vocalization classes because of the musical, and I think it’s a good thing I got it. It was an opportunity to reflect on my songs.”

With his appearance in “Red Book,” he is said to have increased his interest in musicals.

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