The reason why Sasaki a four-time pitcher is called impregnable


Chiba Lotte Marines ‘Monster’ Sasaki Loki is the best hit product in Japanese professional baseball this year. The overwhelming pitching with fast balls of up to 164 kilometers and fork balls of up to 150 kilometers is supported. In Japan, there is even an expression of “immortality.”

Sasaki struck out 19 times in nine innings against the Orix Buffaloes on the 10th of last month (Korea Standard Time), achieving the 16th “perfect game” in 28 years in the history of Japanese professional baseball.

No one was able to hit fastballs of up to 164 kilometers and forkballs of 150 kilometers. The process was as good as the result. Sasaki struck out 13 batters in a row in a game that achieved the perfect game, setting an unofficial world record.

The reason Sasaki is highly regarded is that these pitches are not limited to one inning. After completing the perfect game, Sasaki struck out 14 times in eight innings against the Nippon Ham Fighters and pitched again. At that time, he failed to achieve the perfect game due to the lack of support from the batters, but the perfect march for 17 consecutive innings was enough to be called the “overwhelming.”

As a “hit product,” this season’s performance is huge. Sasaki has eight quality starts (less than three earned runs in six innings) in nine games this year, recording five wins, no losses, and a 1.33 ERA. During 61 innings, he is marking 94 strikeouts. Sasaki is running at the top of the list in ERA, winning percentage, multiple wins, strikeouts and quality starts.

Sasaki’s pitching pattern is quite monotonous. This is because the combination of fastballs and fork balls is the main reason. However, Sasaki’s ball belongs to the ball that he knows but can’t hit. Based on this year’s appearance, the average speed of fastballs is 157.7 kilometers (March 27 against Rakuten)It is 161.1 kilometers (May 20 against Softbank), and the highest swing rate of the forkball is 60 percent (May 27 against Hanshin). The batting average is only 0.159.

The more experience you gain, the more experienced you are. On days when he has difficulty in controlling fastballs, he draws his opponent’s bat with forkballs, and on days when forkballs are not good, he plays the game based on fastballs with tremendous pitch and restraint. Enemy leaders are even tongue-tied about Sasaki’s ability to manage the game.

The most noticeable thing about Sasaki’s record is that there is not a single home run. Sasaki has not given up a home run with Ito Hiromi (59, Nippon Ham) among the players who filled the regulation innings, including the two major leagues 토토사이트

Fianta allowed 33 in 61 innings against 220 people, but has yet to hit a home run. Japan’s “Tokyo Sports” praised Sasaki, saying, “It shows the difference in rating,” adding, “It’s an impregnable 164-kilometer pitcher.”

Sasaki, who has been on the mound for a week, will face the Yomiuri Giants on June 3

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