The reasons why right-footed Messi Man City paid Grillish 159 billion won.


As Jack Grillish (Aston Villa) is about to transfer to Manchester City for the highest transfer fee in the English Premier League (EPL), his past assessment is drawing attention.

British media such as “BBC” said on the 5th (Korea time) that Man City is on the verge of a five-year contract with Grillisi, and the transfer fee will reach 억100 million, the highest in EPL history. The previous EPL transfer fee was 89 million pounds (about 141.6 billion won) recorded by Paul Pogba, who moved from Juventus to Manchester United.

The UK’s “Talk Sports” emphasized that Man City took Grillisi because of its talent through various people’s evaluations, including director Jose Mourinho. Grillish, who can perform 10 rolls under the attacking midfielder, left winger, as well as the central striker, is in the top 10 of the EPL in numerous statistics including help, opportunity creation, foul acquisition and breakthrough after the 2019-2020 season.

He added to the evaluation of Jose Mourinho, who took the helm at Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham. Mourinho said of Grillisi, who represented England in Euro 2020, “What he creates is tremendous. He’s saying, ‘Give me the ball.’ It reminds me of Louis Figo,” he said.

“Dodgeball played as if ‘Give me the ball and I’ll solve all your problems’ when I was in Inter Milan. The way Grillisi gets the ball, attacks people, gets a foul and gets a penalty is very powerful. I like that part,” he said.

“Grillisi is the most talented player I’ve ever seen,” Aston Villa teammate and Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez said. “It’s like Lionel Messi using his right foot. I can’t get the ball off him. He is the most talented English player. It is surprising that such a player could not play more games for England.”

“Messie is Messi,” Martinez said. “He’s the best,” he said. “When Grillish has a ball in training, he doesn’t tackle him. I respect him and let him finish his training after doing everything,” he said. “The same is true when he trains with Messi on the national team. No one is trying to touch him. “If you look at how he treats Grillish, you can see what Messi is like,” he said, comparing Grillish directly with Messi.

Robert Snowdgras (West Bromwich), who played for Aston Villa for a while, said, “He looks the most like Paul Gascoyn (former England striker midfielder) I’ve ever seen. “When you catch a ball anywhere, you’ll get ahead of people with a dribble,” he said. “There are a lot of negative stories outside the stadium, but no one knows what’s going on behind you.” “Grillish works the hardest I’ve ever seen.

Snowdgrass explained that Grillish was at the gym from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. every day. Grillish also said she was working out in a tough and intense session, with fitness coach Ollie Stevenson living in her home.

Watford striker Troy Dini said in November last year, “Grillish is fearless. He will want the ball in any situation. He will want the ball regardless of who confronts him. “I want to lead the game and immerse myself in it,” he said. “I was laughed at when I said I was closest to Gascine in the past. “But I haven’t seen anyone play with a ball like him, literally anywhere.

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