V and Jennie who met BLACKPINK LISA are even more special in Paris


BLACKPINK member Lisa and BTS member V met. Was the relationship between the two more special through Jenny?

On the 27th, the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Japan released a photo of Lisa, V and Park Bo-gum on Instagram. They are currently staying in Paris, France, and are invited to a fashion brand event.

Lisa and V are especially impressive. In May, V met Lisa, a member of BLACKPINK, after rumors surfaced that she was dating Jenny. The two in the picture have a bright smile and a friendly atmosphere.

Park Bo-gum, who is next to Lisa and V, is also smiling brightly at cheering fans.

Meanwhile, V and Jenny were embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship after sightings of their trip to Jeju were raised. But both sides have not denied it, which they see as a vague admission

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