What are you going to do about the maverick Harden?


Houston’s shooting guard James Harden (32, photo), who has won the top scorer for the past three consecutive seasons in the NBA, is still showing off his formidable offense this season. In the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Korona 19), he gained weight due to lack of personal training during the offseason and is leading the scoring with 33.0 points per game as of the 6th 토토사이트

However, Houston, who was even mentioned as the favorite to win, was ranked 12th among 15 teams in the Western Conference with two wins and three losses. Analysts say that Harden’s one-man show is due to the lack of harmony with the rest of the players’ performance.

In the opening match against Portland on December 27 and Denver on December 29, Harden scored 44 and 34 points, respectively, but the team lost two games in a row. He scored 21 points in the match against Dallas on the 5th, but he overturned a three-point shot (three out of 11) and dribbled for a critical moment, and the team lost 100-113 by making a mistake. After the game, Houston manager Steven Silas said, “I’ve returned to my obsession with isolation (single-handed one-on-one attack play). I didn’t turn the ball well enough,” he complained. It was a shot at Harden, who led the ball for a long time and usually carried out one-on-one attacks.

It seems that the opposing teams have also changed their defense tactics against Houston. Harden is playing a defense that releases some of his players and blocks other players’ attacks. Analysts say that Houston’s overall offensive power is falling while inducing the system that relies on Harden to operate more.

Compared to last season, Harden has reduced the number of defensive rebounds, interceptions, and block shots. The number of individual fouls dropped from 3.3 to 1.5 per game last season. He is not active in the defense of his opponent. Harden’s overwhelming offensive record is not as sweet as Houston.

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