Why did Scherzer accept the replacement without being angry among the 68 perfects in 6 innings?


Max Scherzer (38, New York Mets), nicknamed “Mad Max,” is famous for his fiery desire to win. He doesn’t try to go down the mound.

When he pitched 117 pitches in the eighth inning against the Cincinnati Reds on June 3, 2019, when he was in the Washington Nationals, he shouted “No” to manager Dave Martinez, who came on the mound to replace him, and struck out Joey Votto three balls and finished the inning.

Scherzer is stubborn and proud enough to break the coach’s will, but he is now much more flexible. In the Milwaukee Brewers game on the 20th, when he won 10 games of the season and 200 games in his personal career, Scherzer pitched perfect pitches that did not allow a single walk with nine strikeouts in six innings. However, he stopped the perfect challenge from 68 pitches and went down the mound.

It was a game where he planned to pitch about 75 pitches because it was a return match from injury, and Scherzer was replaced without greed. According to and other local media, Scherzer said, “It was not difficult to replace during perfect. In the rehabilitation process, I knew what condition I was in, and I couldn’t have a chance to complete the perfect. “As long as the team won, that’s enough,” he said.

Scherzer was replaced in five innings with 67 pitches and one run against Washington on the 4th. I felt tired on my left side. Scherzer, who had left the same area for nearly two months due to injury in mid-May, was replaced to prevent a recurrence, but was eventually placed on the injured list. It was a return match in 16 days, and health came before perfect.

Scherzer signed a three-year, $130 million FA contract with the Mets in November last year. Although he is 38 years old, he received the highest annual salary ($43.33 million) in Major League Baseball history. It was a bold move for the Mets, who did not win the World Series since 1986, and Scherzer feels as responsible. As there are still big games left until the postseason, you have to manage them 코인파워볼

Despite being sidelined twice due to injury, Scherzer has pitched 133ᆼ을 innings in 21 games this season, with 10 wins, 4 losses, 2.15 strikeouts and 162 WHIP 0.88 strikeouts. The Mets also confirmed their advance to the postseason for the first time in six years with the victory. Scherzer said, “This is why we play baseball. “It’s great to advance to the postseason, and it’s something to celebrate,” he said with joyfully.

Scherzer is looking to win the World Series for the first time in three years since his time in Washington in 2019. Mets outfielder Brandon Nemo said, “Scherzer is the player who won the World Series and is still pitching passionately. For players who have never won a championship, it is important to learn from experienced people, he said, stressing the influence of Scherzer’s winning experience on the team

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