Why was Matisse Taibul blocked by his natural enemy who appeared in the league’s best shooter Stephen Curry?


A “natural enemy” appeared in the league’s top shooter Stephen Curry.

It is Matisse Taibul, who looks ordinary at a glance playing in Philadelphia.

Born in 1997, I’m 24 years old this year. As a dual nationality of Australia and the United States, you can see shooting guards and small forwards at the same time at a height of 1m96. After being nominated by the Boston Celtics as the 20th place in the first round of the 2019 NBA draft, he was immediately traded to Philadelphia.

His offense is normal, but his defensive skills have already been well-known since he was a student at Washington University. He was even selected as the “Defender of the Year” by NCAA, and he was a player who completed not only personal defense but also team defense.

My role in Philadelphia is 3&D.

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Golden State Warriors held at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on the 12th (Korea Standard Time).

Philadelphia gained momentum with the return of absolute ace Joel Embid, but it seemed not enough for Golden State. That’s how scary Golden State is this season. This is because it shows offensive power centered on Stephen Curry, Jordan Pool, and Andrew Wiggins, and defensive organization without a break.

However, Philadelphia beat expectations and won 102-93.

Joel Embid, who scored 26 points in 32 minutes, stood out, but Matisse Taibul, who scored only six points, also ranked first in Philadelphia’s actual contribution. This is because Golden State’s core Stephen Curry was almost completely blocked.

Curry scored 18 points while playing 36 minutes. He threw 14 three-point shots and succeeded in only three. Only 6 out of 20 shots pass through the rim. In a word, he was tied tightly to Taibul.

More humiliatingly, when Tybul marked Curry exclusively, he succeeded in only one of nine three-point shots. Only two out of a total of 13 shots passed through the rim. When a defender other than Taibul blocked Curry, he succeeded in two out of five three-point shots and four out of seven field pitches.

I can’t jump to conclusions in one game, but no player blocked Curry like this. It feels like a natural enemy.

Curry is not easy to stop no matter how excellent a defender comes. He is one of the most difficult players to defend in the league. This is because he is excellent in screen use, fast shooting release, intelligent breakthrough and 2-2 attack, as well as passing to his teammates.

However, on this day, Tybul responded to Curry’s all movements, blocking both the breakthrough route and the passing route at the same time, and overcame the fast shooting release with overwhelming athletic ability and response speed. It seemed to overlap with his appearance when Kawhi Leonard blocked LeBron James in the past. On this day, Taibul blocked Curry’s three-point shot twice, becoming the first player to block Curry’s three-point shot in one game.

After the game, Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr said, “Taibul’s defense was fantastic. “He is a rare defender with both physical condition, athletic ability and brain, and he blocked Curry better than anyone I’ve ever seen,” he praised 안전공원

Teammate Joel Embid also said, “Taibul was great. “He’s the league’s best defender, and I think he has a chance to win the defender of the year this season,” he even said.

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