Will he reunite with LA Times MIA Mattingly coach Jansen Dodgers?


Kenley Jansen is certain to break up with the LA Dodgers, where he has been with for 17 years. The Miami Marlins have emerged as a leading candidate.

The LA Times will not return Jansen, who has a Dodgers franchise save record on the 20th (Korea Standard Time). He said he is expected to sign a contract with another team this winter.

At the beginning of the FA market, it was widely expected that Jansen would renew his contract with the Dodgers. John Heyman, a reporter for MLB Network, said on the 25th of last month, “Jansen’s contract is expected to take place because he likes LA, and several teams with the Philadelphia Phillies are showing interest.” He said, “But it will be concluded that he will remain in the Dodgers.”

In addition, according to local media, the atmosphere of renewing the contract was dominant, with Dodgers’ flagship hitter Justin Turner persuading Jansen to stay with the Dodgers. Turner recently talked to Jansen and Joe Kelly three times about FA. That doesn’t mean I put pressure on you,” he said.

However, it is reported that the negotiations were difficult because the conditions were not met. LA Sports Radio said on the 8th, “If the Dodgers don’t invest a lot of money in Jansen, it should be considered a de facto breakup,” adding, “Jansen’s purpose is to make the biggest contract with all his efforts.” Shortly after playing as the best closer in the Major League this year, he had the last chance to lead a large contract because he was an FA,” he said.

Nothing has been disclosed about how much Jansen wants to be treated, but according to local media expectations, he reportedly wants conditions of more than $15 million annually for three years of the contract period.

In particular, some say that his close friendship with Miami coach Don Mattingly will move Jansen’s heart. LA Sports Radio said, “I heard that coach Mattingley, an old friend of Jansen, plays a part in the negotiations. Miami and Jansen are negotiating now, he said adding, “If Jansen leaves, the Dodgers’ finish is likely to be Blake Treynen.”

Coach Mattingly led the Dodgers for five years from 2011 to 2015. Coach Mattingly is the one who selected Jansen as the closer.

Jansen, a native of Dutch Curaso, joined the Dodgers in November 2004 and has been a built-in closer since 2012 after reaching the big leagues after two years of minor league life. The five-year $80 million contract with the Dodgers ended this time and became FA again.

He firmly locked the back door of the Dodgers with 4 wins, 4 losses, 38 saves and a 2.22 ERA in 69 games this season. He has 350 saves in his career and is the second-highest among active pitchers in Dodgers history.

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