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Gohei Arihara, a Japanese pitcher for the Texas Rangers, started his first bullpen pitching. Adapting to the slippery Major League Baseball official ball has emerged as a challenge 토토사이트

Arihara, who is expected to be a starter by signing a two-year contract with Texas for up to $7 million through a posting in December last year, played his first bullpen pitching at a spring camp set up at Goodyear Surprise in Arizona on the 19th (Korean time). He threw about 30 pitches to check his condition.

In a video interview, Arihara said, “Everything was new and exciting,” but added, “The ball is too slippery. When you throw a splitter, it falls out of your hand. Even when I throw fastballs, I get out of my hands faster than I think. “I will try to adapt myself to the official ball of the Major League.” Splitter is Arihara’s main weapon.

Major League Baseball’s official ball weighs a little more than Japan, and has a larger perimeter or seam. It has a soft surface. Arihara, who has been practicing with the Major League Baseball’s official ball since signing with Texas at the end of last year, had more difficulty throwing the ball in the dry Arizona area.

Texas manager Chris Woodward said, “We need an adaptation process. “We definitely need to find a way to adapt,” he said. “We have a good view of Arihara’s pitching, ability, and fast adaptability. “He was a very successful pitcher in Japan.”

It is also a process that most pitchers from Asia to the United States go through. Arihara said, “Arizona is much drier than Japan,” but added, “It feels different in the public population, but I’m getting used to the slipperyness,” adding that she will be able to adjust for the remaining six weeks until the start of the season.

Arihara also said, “My dream was to play in the Major League. More importantly, however, is what he will show in the Major League Baseball. “I want to perform well with the best play I can do without injury.” “There may be times when I give Arihara extra rest by looking at his arm and body condition, but I expect he’ll throw quite a few innings,” Woodward said. “That’s why we signed him,” he said. “As a starter, I ordered a lot of innings.

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