YGX’s First Mission Win, Crazy Rise


YGX continued its thrilling dance competition as the first winner of Street Woman Fighter.

YGX’s new choreographers Lee Yi-jung, Jeon Yeo-jin, Kim Ye-ri, Park Ji-hyo and Woo Isaac won their first championship in the Mnet dancer crew battle program “Street Woman Fighter,” which aired on the 31st of last month, and led the second match impressively.

Starting with the battle to point out the abbreviation of “No Respect” drawn on the first broadcast, leaders Ri-jung (Lee Yi-jung) and YELL (YELL, Kim Ye-ri) played, and Yeo-jin also won against Weavy No-ze. YGX, which tied for first place with 6 wins and 4 losses, played the final match against Coca-N Butter for the final championship, and leader Ri-jung stepped up.

“In fact, I was really nervous. I really wanted to win for the members and become a reliable leader. “I will do my best,” he said. “I won the game by splitting the rhythm with a smile. “Our earnestness worked,” said Lee Jung, who enjoyed the self-congratulatory party. I will continue to win first place.”

The YGX team, which succeeded in winning the head start, continued to play in the “Main Dancer Selection Game,” which is the prelude to the class mission. Ri Jung was the leader, Yeri was the second, Isaac was the assist, and Yeo Jin and Ji Hyo were the sub-class, respectively. YGX members said, “I’m a strategy. Let’s show them what’s strong. I have no doubt that YGX will all be the main dancers. “The goddess of victory is coming to us,” he said, expressing extraordinary confidence.

In fact, leader Lee Jung and assist Lee Isaac showed strong desire to win from the time of choreography adoption. Isaac showed high understanding and expressiveness of the song in line with BLACKPINK’s Pretty Savage, while Lee Jung revealed her own style within the fiercest leadership class. Both of them went up to the second round of selection, raising expectations for a full-fledged class mission 부산출장마사지

In the next sub-class main dancer selection match, aftershocks and Jihyo’s choreography were adopted. The two added fun to the competition by burning their will, saying, “I will never lose it.”

The dance and charm of the YGX team in the reality survival “Street Woman Fighter” to become the best global K-dance crew is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:20 p.m.

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