Yoo Hyeyoung

Yoo Hyeyoung wears a wedding dress when she is 67 years old Preparing for a silver wedding with Nahan

Yoo Hyeyoung

Yoo Hye-young decided to wear a wedding dress at the age of 67 when she was born in 1956.

In the ninth episode of the TV Chosun entertainment show “We Got Divorced 2” (hereinafter referred to as “We Got Divorced 2”), which aired on June 3, Na Han-il and Yoo Hye-young, who decided to reunite, planned a silver wedding.

On this day, Na Han-il visited the wine bar as the last course of her date with Yoo Hye-young and said, “There’s been a lot of things, but you said you wanted to wear a dress last time, right? Do you still have that heart? Do you want to wear a dress?”

Earlier, Yoo Hye-young expressed regret that she got married wearing Hanbok with the unilateral opinion of Nah Han-il at the wedding, and said she wanted to try on a wedding dress later

Yoo Hye-young expressed her dream, saying, “It’s good to wear it,” and Na Han-il said, “I don’t think it would be good for us to have a wedding again. At our age, they say silver wedding is about 25 years old.”

Then, “I want to erase all your bad memories while making good memories, what I haven’t been able to do. I really don’t want to miss this opportunity,” he said. “I want to hear what you think.” Yoo Hye-young made Nah Han-il laugh with a positive answer, “That’s good.”

“Then there were 20 swordsmen at the first wedding,” said Nah. We have a lot of members now. Yoo Hye-young refused, saying, “It’s the same as the wedding.”

Accordingly, Nahan-il said, “I think it would be nice to go to the dress shop and try it on. I’ve never worn a tuxedo before. I’ve lost a lot of weight, too.” “It’s a silver wedding. Shouldn’t we have a reception?” What will the reception be like, a gift in return. “Take pictures,” he said, suggesting various ideas.

The two made a toast, saying, “For a new start,” and the trailer showed Yoo Hye-young wearing an actual dress, drawing attention. The MCs were excited, saying that the scale of the silver wedding that Nahan-il envisioned was similar to that of the wedding

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