You think

You think we’re at the wrong press conference? Director Tuchel bursts out laughing at Dele Alli’s questions.

You think

“Reporter, aren’t you at the wrong press conference?”

Chelsea’s new coach Thomas Tuchel burst into laughter as soon as he heard the question at the end of the Tottenham press conference.

“Before Tottenham’s expedition to the 22nd round of the English Premier League (EPL) at 5 a.m. on the 5th (Korea time), questions were asked about the possibility of Dele Alli’s transfer to PSG to Tuchel, a former coach of Paris Saint-Germain.” “When you were a PSG manager, Ali was close to going to PSG. Isn’t it surprising that he can’t play at Tottenham now?” was a straightforward question 토토사이트

Ali, who has been sluggish under Jose Mourinho, has been rumored to be going to PSG throughout the winter transfer market following last summer. Just as Tuchel’s PSG did, Tottenham’s former coach Pochettino’s PSG is still eager to recruit Ali, and Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy refused to transfer and remained at Tottenham. Director Tuchel burst into laughter as soon as questions about Ali were asked. “Did you come to the press conference wrong now or did you come to the right place?” he asked back with a smile. “I will not answer that question. Instead, I will gladly answer the question about Harry Kane. Because Kane is one of the best players in the world.” “I want to show my respect. Please understand that I can’t talk about the players of other clubs. “I will focus only on our team.

Asked about Ali’s stay on the same day, Mourinho said, “I talked to Ali and we reached an agreement. It’s an important time for both Tim and Ali. “We need Ali with good performance and we are waiting for him to return from injury quickly and join the team training.”

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