2 months before Park Si Eun’s birth, it’s time to explain the misunderstanding


Actress Park Si-eun corrected the misunderstanding ahead of giving birth.

On the 7th, Park Si Eun said on Instagram, “Many people asked if you moved these days. No, I just changed the sofa,” he posted the picture.

In the photo posted, Park Si-eun is resting at home with an impressive interior. Park Si-eun, who is reading a book on the sofa for prenatal care, is also drawing attention by revealing her bulging belly. Park Si-eun’s dog is located next to her.

Park Si-eun said, “The leather sofa ripped by the dogs. I’ve been using it with a sofa cover, but I think it’s the right time to greet the baby, so I found it for a few months and Haemeda was also the one who caught my eyes for the first time,” he said.

Especially, Park Si-eun said, “In the past, adults used home appliances and furniture for more than 10 years. Let’s stay together for more than 10 years this time.”

Meanwhile, Park is married to actor Jin Tae-hyun. She has a daughter who is adopted and is currently pregnant

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