JUNG JUNG HO and Lee Ha Jung I thought it was a weekday day date. A new start


Lee Ha-jung revealed her daily life with her husband Jung Joon-ho.

Broadcaster Lee Ha-jung posted a photo on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 7th with an explanation of the situation, “During daytime on weekdays, not dating my husband, but meeting #thankyou #newstart.”

The photo released this time shows Lee Ha-jung sitting side by side with her husband Jung Joon-ho.

Above all, Lee Ha-jung and Jung Joon-ho caught the attention of viewers because they were sweet like movies just by sticking together like good men and women.

Meanwhile, Lee Ha-jung married actor Jung Joon-ho and has a son Si-wook and a daughter Yoo Dam. He also appeared on the TV Chosun entertainment show “Wakanam,” which ended last November

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