Kim Ki-soo

48-year-old Kim Ki-soo succeeded in dieting and his muscles are no joke

Kim Ki-soo

Comedian and beauty influencer Kim Ki-soo revealed his muscular body after dieting.

Kim Ki-soo posted on his SNS on the 25th, “It’s so hot that I’m like this, Gyeongju Da-nim…” I should have dressed up.”

In the photo released at the same time, Kim Ki-soo is wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt with bold exposure. Kim Ki-soo, who recently succeeded in dieting and transformed into a slim body, proudly exposes his body, especially his solid back muscles, which are surprising.

Earlier on the 13th, Kim Ki-soo said, “I’ve been sitting and working for six years, and it’s a disaster. Now that I’m 48 years old, I think that’s the only time I work out. I think I can do more. I don’t think I’m improving. I started working out to eat late at night. “You did a good job, right?” It became a hot topic when he revealed his bulging belly and solid body.

Meanwhile, Kim Ki-soo, who made his debut as a comedian for KBS 16th recruitment in 2001, was greatly loved as a dancer Kim character on KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert.”Since then, he has been a beauty influencer that delivers witty talks and practical makeup tips, and has attracted attention by saying that he has undergone nose surgery and facial contour surgery

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