It’s because of the wind You got caught not wearing underwear


Actress Lee Da-hae expressed her affection for her dog.

Lee Da-hae posted a message and photos of “My love” on her SNS on the 1st.

In the photo, Lee Da-hae is posing affectionately with her dog during a trip to Jeju Island. have a happy expression with one’s dog in one’s arms or in one’s arms

In particular, Lee Da-hae wore a pink dress with a bold cut-back design that made her slim body stand out. In addition, it attracts attention by boasting a handful of waist and golden pelvis.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae admitted to dating singer Seven in 2016 and continues her public relationship. The two have been in public relations for more than six years, appearing on MBC’s entertainment show “Point of Omniscient Interfere,” and are loved as star couples in the entertainment industry

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