Jeon Do-yeon

49 year old Jeon Do-yeon taking preservatives like friends with actresses in their 30s

Jeon Do-yeon

Actress Jeon Do-yeon boasted her beauty while being friends with actresses in their 30s.

On June 4, actress Lee Yeon posted a photo taken with actors Jeon Do-yeon and Lee Som, who worked together in the Netflix movie “Gilboksoon” on her personal SNS.

The three show off a three-sister atmosphere with modest makeup and elegant beauty. In particular, Jeon Do-yeon is attracting attention as she shows her slender figure in a shirt and jeans, giving off a feeling of the same age as her junior actors standing next to her.

Meanwhile, Jeon Do-yeon, born in 1973, debuted in 1990 through a brand CF.

Jeon Do-yeon returned to the small screen through the JTBC drama “Human Disqualification,” which ended in October last year, and will appear in the movie “Emergency Declaration,” which will be released in August.

“Emergency Declaration” (Director Han Jae-rim) is a reality aviation disaster film that takes place over a plane that declared unconditional landing due to an unprecedented air terror attack, starring Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Nam-gil, and Im Si-wan.

Jeon will also meet her fans through the Netflix movie ‘Gilboksoon.’ “Gil Bok-soon” (director Byun Sung-hyun) is an action film about a legendary killer in the murder industry who is about to renew his contract with the company, dies, kills, and becomes embroiled in an inevitable confrontation

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