Lee Sung-mi

64-year-old Lee Sung-mi’s suicide note tears cover her eyes while fighting breast cancer

Lee Sung-mi

“Perfect Life” Lee Sung-mi explained why she wrote a suicide note ahead of cancer surgery.

Yoon Ye-hee appeared on TV Chosun’s “Perfect Life,” which aired on the 8th, explaining why she wrote a suicide note.

On the show, Yoon Ye-hee said, “I prepared a suicide note and sent it to my acquaintances. You don’t know what’s going on in the world. I thought the rest of the people would be comfortable if I made my point. After writing the suicide note, I felt comfortable because my attitude toward life changed and I felt like I had come up with measures for my old age,” he said.

Upon hearing this, Lee Sung-mi wrote a letter to the children because she thought, “What if I can’t wake up from anesthesia?” the day before the 12th cancer surgery. As I wrote a letter to the first, second, and third, tears covered my eyes.

Then, Lee Sung-mi, who said, “I had nothing to say when I tried to write a message for my husband,” said, “I knew for the first time where my husband was in my life.” It was a chance for me to change my mind. It was meaningful to try it once in a while,” he agreed.

Meanwhile, Lee Sung-mi was born in December 1959 and is 64 years old (62 years old).

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