Im Changjung’s white working mom’s small happiness. Iced latte that you drink at work


Seo Ha-yan (31), wife of singer Lim Chang-jung (49), shared her daily life as a working mom.

On the 7th, Seo White wrote on her Instagram story, “Ice latte where I go back to work in my daily life and drink it all at once was so delicious. I’m going to buy it again tomorrow.The photo was posted with the article.

The released photo shows Seo White on her way to work. A glass of ice latte under the blue sky, white clouds, and warm sunlight catches the eye. Seo White, who boasts an ice latte with a hot pink straw, feels the small happiness of a working mother. Thin wrists wearing straight long fingers and thick bracelets also attract attention.

Seo Ha-yan overcame the age gap of 18 years in 2017 and is raising five sons by marrying Lim Chang-jung. Currently, Seohayan is known to be helping Lim Chang-jung’s entertainment business

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