Minors Kim

Minors Kim Taehyun, smile at the awkward newlyweds. Kim Seo-bang, sweet trip to Jeju

Minors Kim

Comedian couple minor Kim Tae-hyun went on an exciting trip to Jeju.

Mija posted on her personal SNS on June 8th, “We are Jeju Island. They don’t like taking pictures, so I don’t have any pictures from their relationship. Now I’m going to leave some. Smile a little, Kim Seo-bang,” he posted a photo with the message.

In the photo released, Kim Tae Hyun, a minor, is awkwardly taking a two-shot selfie. Kim Tae-hyun has a rather rigid expression, and the minor’s eyes show affection for such a husband.

Kim Tae-hyun is also smiling with his eyes as he quickly warmed up by the warm eyes of the minor looking at him.

Internet users who saw this responded, “It’s so nice to see,” “It’s sweet to see,” and “Jeju trip must be so fun.”

Meanwhile, Mija had a private wedding with comedian Kim Tae-hyun on April 13 somewhere in Seoul.

Born in 1984, Mija majored in video at Hongik University, and debuted as the 19th comedian of MBC’s open recruitment in 2009, appearing in “Gagstar GCC Awards,” “Falling into Comedy,” and “Jang Yong, Happy Armed Forces of Mija.” Currently, it is operating a YouTube channel called “Mijane Tavern.”

Born in 1978, Kim Tae-hyun made his debut as a comedian in SBS’ 7th public recruitment in 2003 and won the Star Award at the 5th Cable TV Broadcasting Awards in 2011. She appeared in “Lightening Love Coach,” “A Cunning Husband,” “Real Adult Meeting: Redevelopment of Love,” and “Schinsong.”

The two recently appeared on JTBC’s entertainment show “Daughter Thieves” and revealed their honeymoon life

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