Kim Hye-soo

52 year old Kim Hye-soo walks in super mini hot pants Unbelievable leg length

Kim Hye-soo

Actress Kim Hye-soo showed off her appearance as the ultimate self-care queen.

On the 5th, Kim Hye-soo posted a selfie on her personal SNS, saying, “#Eat well #Listen to Willa and #walk.”

In the picture, Kim Hye-soo is walking at night wearing white shorts and a black short-sleeved T-shirt. Kim Hye-soo showed off her unique physique, showing off her slim angular beauty and an 8-head figure as much as a top model.

The fans communicated with Kim Hye-soo by leaving comments such as “I always support you,” “Health is the best,” “I love you,” “You are constantly working out,” “Always healthy in body and mind,” and “You worked hard today.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-soo will appear in the original Netflix series ‘Boy Judge’.

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