Doctor Seo Hyun-jin, do you think I’m the only one who has a wealthy room next to your armpit?


Seo Hyun-jin, a broadcaster from Naunseo, revealed how he is working out hard.

Seo Hyun-jin said on his Instagram on the 4th, “It’s been six months since I started working as a PT. I’ve been doing it twice a week, so my stamina has improved a lot. At first, there was no creaking here and there. Now, it’s okay to have a pretty heavy weight.”

“I want to have muscular shoulders and back because I exercised a lot, but the reality is that it is damp. There’s an armpit connection with the arm joint.I keep getting flab. For those who breast-feeding for a long time, what about the floating room next to your armpits? “I’m the only one who gets it. It’s a small difference, but it’s not pretty to wear a tight sleeveless shirt.”

Seo Hyun-jin also said, “The answer is to control your diet, increase weight, and increase the number of times. Why don’t you want to do it?” My teacher told me that I work out like a slut. Lol. You said you don’t make it big and just do what’s necessary. Come to think of it, I can’t stand hunger. Why are you so… “I think I’m just going to do it in moderation 부산출장마사지

Several photos released together showed Seo Hyun-jin working out at the gym. In addition, he drew laughter by adding honest hashtags such as “Kkakjaeng Life,” “Hyunjin Movement,” “Diet Control Answer,” and “Why Don’t You Want to?”

Meanwhile, Seo married an otolaryngologist in 2017 and has a son.

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