99.4 billion starting pitchers suddenly left the team, losing 500 million won each for marriage


Detroit Tigers’ Eduardo Rodriguez, 29, left the team suddenly.

Detroit announced on the 14th (Korea Standard Time) that Rodriguez was on the restricted list. Players on the restricted list are not eligible for annual salary and will be excluded from the 40-man roster in the Major League Baseball. Detroit’s Al Avila declined to comment, saying it was only a “personal matter.”

According to sources, Rodriguez was placed on the restricted list due to marital problems. We don’t know when we’ll be able to come back. Rodriguez is married to Catherine and has a daughter, Annie, and a son, Ian.

The media said, “When Rodriguez returned from a rib injury, the issue of marriage began to emerge. And the team allowed Rodriguez’s request that he needed time to deal with personal issues. Detroit has not officially made any comment on this issue,” he explained 토토사이트추천

Rodriguez, who signed a five-year $77 million contract with Detroit this season, only recorded one win, three losses and a 4.38 ERA in eight games (39 innings). This year’s salary is 14 million dollars, but you can’t get paid while you’re on the restricted list. The New York Post calculated that Rodriguez would lose about $400,000 each time he missed the start

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