Frankie the dragon agreed with Manchester United by 2027


Will Frankie The Dragon wear Manchester United’s uniform? It is known that they even signed a personal agreement.

“The Dragon and Manchester United are getting closer,” said Nicolo Skira, an expert on the European transfer market, on the 16th (Korea Standard Time). A personal agreement was signed by 2027. Manchester United will negotiate with Barcelona. Barcelona wants 80 million euros (about 107.3 billion won) in transfer fees.

The dragon rose to prominence in Ajax. Even after moving to Barcelona, he became a support during the dark period. He played as a key player while covering the entire midfield. He even showed loyalty to Barcelona and tried not to leave the team.

Barcelona are having financial problems. There were many players with high ransom but low value. This is the fundamental reason why he failed to renew his contract with Lionel Messi last summer. Antoine Griezmann and others have been disposed of on a lease, but they are still at a red light in their finances.

Coach Chabi Hernandez used a young player to reorganize the team. I’m trying to make up for my shortcomings with a big recruitment this summer. This is why Robert Lewandowski, who announced his farewell to Bayern Munich, is connected.

However, if you want to bring in a player, you have to adjust the team’s finances. There is a player to sell, but the other team doesn’t want it. The player who can hold cash immediately is the dragon. The dragon formed a ransom of more than 100 billion won in market value.

It is leaning more and more towards Manchester United approached The Yong and even drew a personal agreement. Manchester United appointed head coach Eric Ten Hagh ahead of the 2022-23 season, and he once coached The Dragon during the Ajax season. Bringing a world class midfielder could signal the rebuilding of Manchester United’s prestigious family 파워볼사이트

Recently, of course, The Dragon has also bolstered his strength in remaining in Barcelona. After the match against Wales in Group 4 of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Nations League (UNL) League A in the 2022-23 season, “It’s a good thing that other teams are interested in me. But I’m on the best team in the world right now. There’s no news because it’s okay in Barcelona.”

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