The 46.6 billion local media have turned their backs on the Korean media, which has gone up and down throughout their ML career


“I went up and down for my career”

Toronto Blue Jays Kikuchi started the home game against the 2022 Major League Baseball New York Yankees at Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 20th (Korea Standard Time) and collapsed with three hits (two home runs) and four outs, five strikeouts and three runs (three earned runs) in four innings.

Toronto signed a three-year, $36 million contract with Kikuchi after the end of last season, making all-out efforts to reinforce the starting lineup. José Berrios and Kevin Gausman’s recruitment are successful, but Kikuchi’s recruitment is getting closer to failure as the game goes on.

June’s appearance is disastrous. Kikuchi took his second loss with four runs (four earned runs) in 4이닝 innings against the Minnesota Twins on the 4th, and was substituted with three runs (three earned runs) in 이닝 innings against the Kansas City Royals on the 9th. It was surprising that the defeat was not recorded.

The slump continued. In the game against the Baltimore Orioles on the 15th, Kikuchi lost three games with four runs (four earned runs) in four innings and was substituted early in the game against the Yankees on the 20th. His performance in the four games in June was disastrous, with two losses and a 10.61 ERA. Ryu Hyun-jin should fill the gap in the left-handed starting lineup created by undergoing Tommy John surgery as much as possible, but he seems to have failed at all.

Control was also a problem. Kikuchi gave up a walk to Aaron Judge from the start of the first inning and then sent Josh Donaldson on a hit ball to make a shaky start. However, after striking out Giancarlo Stanton, he caught the first base runner as a checker and overcame the crisis with difficulty.

He received two points in the attack in the bottom of the first inning, but failed to keep the lead. Kikuchi allowed Glover Torres a solo home run at the start of the second inning, marking his first run. And in the third inning, he gave up a walk to leadoff hitter Joey Gallo and was hit by Donaldson’s fastball in the middle of the strike zone with two outs and runners on first base.

Kikuchi closed the inning without allowing a run in the fourth inning. However, there was no trust from the bench toward Kikuchi. The number of pitches was not small with 80 pitches, but he could have left one more inning. However, Kikuchi did not appear on the mound from the fifth inning. Kikuchi’s only luck was that the team’s batting lineup exploded, including four home runs, and ended up in a no-decision.

On this day, Kikuchi pitched mainly with four-seam fastballs (39 pitches) and sliders (36 pitches), and all the pitches were so disastrous that they were attacked. Gregor Chism of the Toronto Star of Canada said, “You have to sing a ‘direct throw’ hymn at the Rogers Center. That’s the only way Kikuchi can throw more fastballs, he said. “Kikuchi prefers a slider (cutter), which is not very good 안전공원

Even in Toronto, the pitching of “upbeat” remains unchanged. Kikuchi lost one game in four games in April and had a 5.52 ERA. However, in June, he rebounded with a two-win ERA of 2.36 in five games, but his performance fell sharply to a two-loss ERA of 10.61 in four games again in June.

“Seattle Mariners fans know everything about Kikuchi’s ups and downs,” Gregor Chism said. “Kikuchi has gone up and down for the rest of his major league career. “There is nothing new,” Kikuchi said, pointing out Kikuchi’s poor performance.

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