Japan’s top hitter Shogo Akiyama returns to Japan after being released from Triple-A


Shogo Akiyama (34), who was released from Triple-A El Paso Chihuahua under the San Diego Padres, returned to Japan.

Japan’s “West Japan Sports” reported on the 21st that “Akiyama returned to Japan on the 20th.”

Akiyama signed with the Cincinnati Reds after 2019. Akiyama played as the best hitter in Japanese professional baseball. He batted .301 with 116 home runs and 513 RBIs in nine years. In 2015, he hit 216 hits, the most in a season in Japan’s professional baseball league.

However, he failed to adapt in the Major League. He was released after playing for Cincinnati for two years, and this year he was notified of his release in the minor leagues 토토사이트

Akiyama had a career batting average of 0.224 with 21 RBIs and 32 points in his second season in the Major League. He hasn’t hit a home run in two years.

The former Seibu Lions have said they will recruit Akiyama.

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