Choi Hee

A comfortable cafe, Choi Hee, 80 days of childbirth. She’s still swollen.

Choi Hee

Choi Hee, who returned to the broadcast after 80 days of childbirth, heralded a conflict between her novice mother.

Choi Hee-eun vowed to show her growth as a mother and working mother at an online production presentation for E-channel “Mom Comfortable Cafe” held in the morning of the 28th.

Choi Hee, who will return to the show as a “comfortable cafe” after giving birth last year, said, “She is a newborn in the mother’s world who is raising an 80-day-old newborn baby.” “As a novice mother, I will show you how I am left-handed and growing up as a mother and working mother,” she said.

Choi Hee said, “The swelling is not complete yet,” and added, “This is the first time I’ve returned after giving birth to a baby.” When I was pregnant, I was worried about my return. “I’m having fun filming with a good sister and brother,” she said.

Choi Hee said, “I sometimes forget if I gave birth to a baby and my brain also gives birth together,” and said, “I will show you how Bok, who is 80 days old, and his novice mother grow up as they bump into each other.” I hope you like it. Many people think he’s a son, but he’s a daughter.”

“I often go to mom’s cafe,” Choi said cafe. After Lee Dong-guk put the baby to sleep at the gym ball, it was popular to put the baby to sleep at the mom cafe. “In fact, I wanted to thank the baby for sleeping well and giving me tips,” he added.

“Mom Comfortable Cafe” is a program where representative Wannabe stars open “Mom Cafe” to share their worries and information that they have been hiding. Lee Dong-guk, Jang Yoon-jung, Bae Yoon-jung, Lee Yoo-ri, Choi Hee, Song Kyung-ah, Hong Hyun-hee. Stars who are active in various fields, including sports, music, and entertainment stars, actors and models, will form a Mom Cafe.

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