Tzuyu’s Taiwan headquarters, the massive theft of TWICE goods turned out to be a scavenger.


A massive theft of Twice goods occurred at Tzuyu’s main house in Taiwan. Police arrested Wang, a cleaning lady in her 20s who was cleaning Tzuyu’s house, and referred him to the court.

According to Taiwan’s local media ET Today on the 28th, TWICE goods that her mother had collected from her Taiwanese home were stolen in large quantities in connection with Tzuyu, a member of Twice from Taiwan. The suspect was a 28-year-old cleaner who was caught selling goods online.

According to a police investigation, Wang stole goods from Tzuyu’s Taiwan home on two occasions and made an unfair profit of hundreds of thousands of won by selling pictures with TWICE’s autographs. Police found goods not yet sold at Wang’s house and put him on trial for theft.

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