A famous reporter threw a Hall of Fame vote for an ERA four-point pitcher.


Right-handed relief pitcher Latroy Hawkins (49, U.S.) will not be included in the U.S. Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, which will be announced on the 27th.

Hawkins’ career performance is 75 wins and 94 losses, 127 saves, 184 holds, and his career ERA (ERA) is 4.31, which is much lacking compared to the great seniors who won the Hall of Fame 스포츠분석

Hawkins, however, won at least one vote.

Ryan Tibaudo, who collects Hall of Fame votes in real time, collected the results of 164 reporters from the National Baseball Journalists Association (BBWAA), and there was one reporter who voted for Hawkins.

The main character is Bob Nightingale, a leading reporter for the U.S. national daily newspaper “USA Today.”

Nightingale explained why he voted for Hawkins in a written column on Wednesday.

Nightingale returned the clock to a Hall of Fame vote in 1993, 28 years ago.

Reggie Jackson was the only one who entered the Hall of Fame at the time. Five players failed to win a single vote.

Hal McRae was among the players who were humiliated by 0 votes.

“As a Kansas City Royals reporter, I’ve never admired and admired anyone more than McRae,” Nightingale said. “I’ve always admired his passion and determination for the game, and I’ve never seen a better clubhouse leader.”

However, seeing that McRae did not win a single vote in the Hall of Fame, Nightingale decided that if he had the right to vote in the future, it would mean a lot to him, and if he had a player respected by his teammates, coaches, and reporters, he would vote no matter what.

Twenty-eight years later, such a player appeared, and it was Hawkins.

“Hawkins was a perfect example of dignity, class and dignity,” Nightingale said. “Hawkins, the godfather of the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Murhomes, was a respected leader who took his teammates to the Negro League Museum every time they played in Kansas City.

Hawkins pitched in 142 games for 11 teams during his 21 years of Major League Baseball career. He is ranked 10th in the number of games on the mound and is the highest record for a black pitcher.

“In honor of Hawkins’ achievements, I wanted to let him say that he won at least one vote,” Nightingale said. “I have no intention of apologizing for my vote.

In the Major League, players who have played for more than 10 years will not be eligible for the Hall of Fame until five years after retirement.

Some qualified BBWAA journalists vote for up to 10 candidates through Hall of Fame votes held every November-December.

BBWAA members vote for a candidate who is considered a major league legend based on his record, sportsmanship, personality, and team contribution. If he gets more than 75 percent of the vote, he will be inducted.

Nightingale said he voted for Tory Hunter for the same reason as Hawkins.

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