McGregor’s 3rd game, OK Foyley.


Dustin Foyrier (32, U.S.) also responded.

Conor McGregor (32, Ireland) has confirmed the possibility of a third match. Asked about the lightweight title match with Michael Chandler, 34, of the U.S., he dismissed it as “a player who has played one game now.”

Foyrier beat McGregor with a 2 minute 32 second punch TKO in the second round at the UFC 257 main event in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, on the 24th (Korea time) 토토사이트

He avenged his complete defeat six years and four months ago. In September 2014, Foyrier met McGregor at UFC 178 and was defeated by TKO in 106 seconds.

He was significantly behind in the standing workshop. He slumped to McGregor Strat, who brushed his temples at around 1:20 in the first round. After that, a punch. Reperry Herb Dean hurriedly put himself between the two and finished the game.

“To be honest, the first round was not even in my head,” Foyrier said at a press conference ending UFC 257. “There was nothing particularly affected (before this match).” But there’s this. It’s about the characteristics of martial arts, and every game has a mental sector to overcome. The tension and fear in the locker room, and the anxiety that comes (continuously) in the week the game is scheduled. You have to overcome this. “There was such a mental fight (with McGregor in the second round), but my memory seven years ago had no impact at all.”

“This trip to Abu Dhabi was something different. I’ve been stuck in Fight Island for two weeks, and all I’ve got to do is prepare for the game. However, as McGregor said, I was able to gain a lot of experience thanks to martial arts. This time, too. And one more. As I said before, I don’t care what others say anymore. I decided not to use it. That’s the end of the first round.

McGregor doesn’t want to retire. He made it clear that he would reorganize and continue his Octagon career. He also suggested a third match against Forie.

He also responded positively to Poyri. He said, “Now that we have achieved a complete balance, we should end it through trilogy.”

“Now we’re one-on-one with each other. Besides, we exchanged KO wins. No one knows the future. I’ll have to wait and see. First of all, they won TKO with this game, so I think we should fight again.”

Prior to Foyrier, there was a UFC Day or White representative meeting. White confessed that Khabib Nurmagomedov (32, Russia) is in a difficult position to return. He explained that the possibility of withdrawing his retirement has almost disappeared, and that he will no longer urge him to retire.

Due to this, the title match between Foyrier and Chandler is gaining popularity. It is a plan to meet with King Bellator, who won the TKO victory in 2 minutes and 30 seconds against Hooker over the throne that Habib left.

Foyrier shook his head. I have no intention of fighting over the fighter and champion belt that played one Octagon game.”

“I respect Chandler. He is right to win a huge victory over Hooker. I admit, but I’m going straight to the title game because I’ve already won an impressive victory over a player (Hooker)? It’s hard to accept.”

“I’ve played 27 to 8 games so far, and I’ve come all the way to fight the toughest enemies I’ I finally got a chance to win the title, and Chandler grabbed it. I can’t agree with this. Chandler may have to play against Charles Oliveira or other opponents (one or two.”

“For now, Chandler doesn’t appeal much,” Poillier said. “I would rather go to sell hot sauce (that I launched),” he said.

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