A trick

A trick to wipe your sweat with a handkerchief as if you were giving a Brazilian beauty referee card.

A trick

Soccer fans all over the world fell in love with beautiful referee Fernanda Colombo.

In June last year, a Brazilian referee Colombo was in charge of the Ecuadorian League match. The game was suspended when a player committed a foul. He was seen approaching the player with a stern look, pretending to take the card out of his back pocket, and wiping his forehead with a handkerchief. The player, who almost got the card, smiled brightly and finished the game well 안전놀이터

A year and a half have passed, but interest in the referee of Colombo is still hot. On the 18th, Colombo posted a “handkerchief trick” video on his SNS (Instagram). It turned out to be the Ecuadorian League All-Star Game. As soon as everyone was holding their breath, the referee took out a white handkerchief, not a card. The news came from a number of media outlets, including the British betting site ’32RED.’ It is hot enough to record 25 million clicks.

A trick

Colombo asked, “Did you like it?” and posted the music with the video. Netizens admired her wit and beauty, saying, “I can’t forget,” “Beautiful,” “The funniest video I’ve ever seen about referees,” “Smile is the best,” and “It’s always funny.” 안전공원

Currently, Colombo is popular with more than 830,000 followers.

Not a few people are flirting with such witty behavior. In July last year, she also captured and released an e-mail with details, saying, “I received an immoral grade proposal by e-mail.” “I just want to do what I love. I want to work in soccer and journalism. I want to be respected,” he said, expressing his pride in his job

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