Actor Ahn Tae-hwan

Actor Ahn Tae-hwan joins the Kim Soon-ok division…”Pandora: Fake Paradise” cast.

Actor Ahn Tae-hwan

Actor Ahn Tae-hwan will join the Kim Soon-ok division through “Pandora.”

On the 3rd, his agency Subrime said, “An Tae-hwan was cast in tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ (creator Kim Soon-ok, playwright Hyun Min, director Choi Young-hoon and below ‘Pandora’.”

“Pandora” is a revenge play by a woman living a life that everyone envies to punish those who manipulate her fate while recovering her lost past memories.

Actor Ahn Tae-hwan plays Park Joon-ho, a strong supporter of Ko Hae-soo (Jang Hee-jin) and a junior reporter. Junho is a person who sincerely sympathizes with the heavy truth faced by his senior Hae-soo more than anyone else and helps her in both physical and physical ways. Through this work, Ahn Tae-hwan will be active by conveying the sincerity and three-dimensional charm of the character.

Actor Ahn Tae-hwan has been expanding his own acting spectrum by appearing in various works such as dramas “Would you like to have dinner with me,” “Penthouse,” “Oh! Master,” “Ghost Doctor” and “Today’s Webtoon” since his debut with JTBC’s “Ssangapo Cha” in 2020.

In particular, last year, he continued to work hard, appearing in dramas one after another, and met the public with non-stop activities. Kim Jae-won, a third-year resident of cardiothoracic surgery through “Ghost Doctor,” drew attention for his clear charm and solid acting skills, and through “Today’s Webtoon,” he played Choi Doo-hee, an editor of a webtoon company, showing his workaholic seniority and vitality. In “Sharehouse 2 Today,” he not only appeared as an actor but also participated in directing and continues to act actively.

Attention is focusing on how actor Ahn Tae-hwan will show three-dimensional character acting in “Pandora” to attract viewers’ attention.

Pandora: Manipulated Paradise will premiere at 9:10 p.m. on the 11th.

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