6 years of love wherever HyunA goes somewhere between friendship and reunification.


Singer Hyun-ah (Kim Hyun-ah, 31) and singer Dunn (Kim Hyo-jong, 29) are drifting between reunification and friendship.

Hyun-ah and Dunn are drawing attention for their successive accompanying moves, such as sharing overseas schedules or visiting exhibitions of close artists amid the ongoing reunion.

Hyun-ah and Dawn, who were long-lived couples representing the entertainment industry, suddenly announced their breakup in November last year, leaving their six-year relationship behind. In particular, last year, the video of the proposal was released, suggesting marriage, which further increased the shock of the two’s sudden announcement of their breakup.

Hyuna said, “We broke up. “I decided to remain a good friend and colleague in the future,” he said. “Thank you for always supporting me and looking at me pretty,” and Dunn also indirectly acknowledged the breakup by pressing “like” on this article.

Amid various speculations over the breakup, the two have been embroiled in rumors of a reunion several times within about two months of the breakup.

In January, a photo of Hyun-ah and Dunne with lip piercings in the same position was released, and rumors of a reunion surfaced, but a Hyun-ah official drew a line on Spotv News, saying, “We are good colleagues.”

In the midst of this, Hyuna continued her relentless move. When Dunn made a bird nest in the label at Area led by Groovyroom, suggesting his future with the words “New Place, New Music,” he left a cheering emoticon in reply.

Since then, there have been reports that the two are certain to reunite. It was said that Dunn was together on his brother’s schedule in Singapore for his schedule, and in fact, there was a photo of Dun in Singapore at the same time as Hyuna, but both sides remained tight-lipped about the rumor of accompanying him to Singapore.

Meanwhile, a photo of Hyun-ah and Dawn in the same place was released once again. The two visited an exhibition of the artist they used to be close to, and also released a friendly photo of the artist smiling shyly between them.

Officials are also divided over the reunification of the two. At the same time, there is a common saying, “It’s not strange to meet again anytime.”

In particular, the two continued their relationship publicly and even worked together. Given that most celebrities want to erase personal relationships in public, it is quite unusual in the industry for a couple to work together as a duo.

Officials call the two “soul mates.” It’s not strange to reunite, but they say that they can stay as good entertainment seniors and juniors and colleagues even if they break up. An official said, “Isn’t it too much to judge the two only by the standard of whether they are lovers or not? Is it important whether they go out again or not? It is impressive that the two are maintaining a healthy relationship even after the announcement of the breakup.”

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