The prosecution asked for the investigation of military service privileges among infants.


Controversy surrounding actor Yoo Ah-in, who is suspected of taking drugs, is expected to continue as he is accused of military service privileges.

It has been confirmed that a complaint was filed with the Military Service Investigation Division of the Military Manpower Administration on the 15th to the effect that “investigate whether the judgment of the infant was carried out by appropriate procedures.”

“The prosecution forensics the mobile phone of Koo, a military broker arrested in December last year, and found the possibility of involvement of an internal employee of the Military Manpower Administration,” a civil petitioner who accused Yoo Ah-in of military service said in the complaint.

“At the time of the suspicion of military privileges, Yoo Ah-in’s agency expanded the controversy with irresponsible behavior, such as not accurately revealing the reason for exemption,” he said. “The news that an employee of the Military Manpower Administration was involved in the military corruption caused great distrust, and please investigate strictly to dispel public suspicions.”

The Kyunghyang Shinmun reported that Yoo Ah-in was diagnosed with a bone tumor in 2015 following a ruptured right shoulder muscle during filming in 2013. As controversy arose over the evasion of military service over this, Yoo Ah-in posted a long article in February 2017, revealing his willingness to serve in the military.

At the time, Yoo Ah-in said, “The conscription examination results in December 2015 and May 2016 showed that the fracture injury will be cured and cannot be accurately predicted, but if abnormal development of bone tumors does not proceed further, it will be possible to fulfill military service obligations.”

Since then, Yoo Ah-in was finally exempted from military service by the Military Manpower Administration in June 2017. The agency UAA said, “We will put the actor’s health issue first and actively support treatment, and we will share careful follow-up and careful management.”

Yoo Ah-in has recently been investigated by an investigative agency over allegations of drug use. Infants are suspected of illegally administering propofol for non-medical purposes, and the following tests tested positive for general marijuana.

Suspicions seem to spread to Yoo Ah-in as it is known that Cho Jae-sung (OK Financial Group) and rapper Ravi, who are professional volleyball players, are included in the charges of receiving military service privileges by requesting camouflage as a epileptic patient.

In fact, one netizen recently posted on an online cafe, “I have the same disease as Yoo Ah-in.” Yoo Ah-in and I are also benign tumors, and there is only one osteochondroma on the shoulder, but I had dozens of them in my body, so I had general anesthesia four times, and I operated on a site that could touch nerves or other bones like Yoo Ah-in.”

“The result was that Yoo Ah-in was judged to be a fifth-class face wash, and I was judged to be a fourth-class supplementary,” he said. ” Yoo Ah-in did five tests, but I was a non-celebrity, so it ended.” “I was also told to file a lawsuit to do more,” he said.

The netizen said, “I even talked to the head of the Military Manpower Administration on the phone, but I hung up after saying, ‘Yoo Ah-in is Yoo Ah-in and you are you,'” adding, “If you want to go to the current station, you can go, and there is no problem with your daily life.” It’s a disease with no symptoms.”

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