Harry Styles

“For people like me…”Harry Styles sparks controversy over ‘racism’ in Grammy acceptance speech

Harry Styles

With Harry Styles winning the ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammy Awards, his thoughts are controversial.

At the 65th Grammy Awards held at Crypto Dotcom Arena in Los Angeles on the 5th, Harry Styles’ “Harris House” was honored as the “Album of the Year,” which is traditionally the most meaningful.

Styles, who was declared the winner on the day, appeared surprised with his head buried in his hands.

He then went on to the podium and said, “I was inspired by artists working in all fields. “I listened to songs in each field every moment of my life,” he said. “I hope you remember that there is no ‘best’ in music on a night like tonight.”

Harry Styles expressed joy, saying, “This doesn’t happen to people very often,” but netizens who heard the remarks expressed anger, saying, “It’s not appropriate for Styles, a white establishment, to say.”

As expected, Beyonce was nominated for nine categories, the largest category at the awards ceremony, with her seventh album “Renaissance” released last year, but she did not win the Grammy Main Award.

In addition, Candrick Lamar, Weekend, and BTS (BTS) have suffered several times at the Grammy Awards’ main awards despite their chart records and critical acclaim that year, sparking controversy over “racism.”

In response, American journalist Sam Sanders criticized Styles on social media, saying, “Styles’ feelings are the most white privileged words I’ve ever heard of,” while other netizens continued to criticize him, saying, “This happens to someone like you all the time.”

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