Actor High-current plastic surgery side effects prevent him from recovering from nasal necrosis


Chinese actor Ko Liu (Gao Liu) complained of unfairness, revealing that his nose died of side effects from plastic surgery.

Gowryu posted a long article on his Weibo on the 2nd, saying, “After the nose surgery I wanted to be pretty, I lost my job and I have extreme thoughts.”

“I am a singer and actor who graduated from Beijing National Academy. I wasn’t very successful, but I was doing my job smoothly. “It’s a nose surgery to be prettier, but I never thought it would start a nightmare.”

According to the article, he said he had a nose surgery for about four hours at a plastic surgery clinic in Guangzhou on October 29 last year, and in the process, he had the side effect of necrosis at the tip of his nose.

In particular, Goliu said he underwent re-operation at the plastic surgery clinic after surgery, but there was no improvement, and after four days of hospitalization, he was transferred to a large hospital in Guangzhou, lamenting, “My nose has reached a point where it cannot be recovered forever.”

Gowryu promised to appear in two dramas in December and January, but appealed that he had to pay 2 million yuan (about 347 million won) in compensation for his work due to the necrosis of his nose due to the surgery.

Goliu also asked the hospital that performed plastic surgery to pay the compensation, but the hospital said it could compensate for the cost of recovering the nose, but could not compensate for the compensation for the work.

“After the surgery, I am so overwhelmed that I repeatedly feel the urge to jump out of my house on the ninth floor. “I think my celebrity life is over now,” she said, adding that she was mentally shocked.

Some Chinese Internet users said, “There is no 100 percent of all surgeries,” but some said, “It is inevitable that side effects have occurred, while some Internet users said, “It is too much to leave malicious comments even when high current is in a difficult situation.” It’s too bad.”

Meanwhile, Goryu debuted in 2016 with the movie ‘Myeongcheon Yudawon’ and released songs such as ‘I Like You’.

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