Celebrity Oh Jung-yeon and Lee Jong-seok also closed their businesses after failing to avoid Corona.


Broadcaster Oh Jung-yeon decided to close the cafe due to worsening management caused by the Korona 19 incident. Celebrities are also expressing regret over the closure of their businesses one after another, failing to avoid the aftermath of Corona 19.

Oh Jung-yeon said on her personal Instagram on February 3, “I endured the difficulties faced by Corona with affection, but the unexpected variable at the time of the lease renewal became an inflection point and decided to close the business.”

“I was heartbroken over the past few days when I sold even a small piece of furniture and filled it with my feet.” Although it does not exist anymore, many of the relationships and stories that have occurred in it will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. I tried to smile when I was organizing the furniture, but tears poured down when I lowered the sign. I will keep the sign in case one day comes again. “I love you.

Oh Jung-yeon has shown her affection for the cafe by working part-time at the cafe herself. However, as social distancing escalated to 2.5 levels, he reported the closure, and KBS 2TV’s “CEO’s Donkey’s Ear” confessed that he was considering the survival of the cafe due to the Corona 19 strike.

Oh Jung-yeon is not the first celebrity to report the closure due to the Corona 19 aftermath. Hong Seok-cheon, who used to run restaurants in Itaewon, organized all seven restaurants that were operated in Itaewon due to a sharp drop in sales. It was regrettable that the daily sales of the weekend, which appeared on SBS’ “Flaming Youth,” had fallen to 35,000 won since Corona19.

Kang Won-rae drew attention in 2018 by reopening Itaewon Club Moon Night, which was a symbol of dancers, but recently gave up its operation due to difficulties in management in the aftermath of Corona 19. He, who worked hard to revive Itaewon’s commercial district, apologized, saying that he was controversial by saying “the last place in the quarantine policy” on SNS, and that he became emotional as he talked about the hardships of self-employed people.

Kang Jae-joon and Lee Eun-hyung also closed their restaurants in Mapo-gu for three years in May last year. Kang Jae-joon appeared on SBS’s “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant” and said, “It took weeks to interior the store, but it took less than an hour to close the store.” I cried my eyes out. “My wife sobbed as if she fainted.”

Actor Lee Jong-seok disposed of a brunch cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul last summer. Although Lee Jong-seok used to run the cafe with affection to the extent that he called it a “desire project,” he decided to close the store after having difficulty in management in the aftermath of the prolonged Korona 19.

Not only small business owners but also celebrities’ self-employed people are unable to handle the deficit and are reporting a series of closures and closures. However, the situation is expected to intensify as the government extends social distancing (2.5 steps in the Seoul metropolitan area and 2 steps in the non-capital area) until February 14, when the Lunar New Year holiday falls.

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