Actor Joomin Surprise The only one who’s been dating for 4 years Married next month


Actor Joo Min-ha and actress group Surprise former Yoo Il (real name Park Sang-il) are getting married.

They will be married on the 17th of next month. Yoo Il is known to have left the entertainment industry and turned into a businessman. After about four years of dating, they got married.

Meanwhile, she has appeared in the resident dramas “Queen of Naeso,” “Good Times,” “Tears of Heaven,” “Amazing Legacy,” and the movies “Jakal is Coming,” “Sketch,” “Night View: Taxi of Death” and “Destrap,” which debuted in 2006. Recently, he appeared on Channel A’s “A Child Couple Who Want to Become Hot Again” and acted as a reenactment actor. The only one is dedicated to the business after the surprise disbandment in 2020.

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