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Hong Seok Cheon Jang Do Yeon’s boyfriend was cool Surprise Jang Do Yeon’s relationship last year. Eggs frozen this year

Hong Seok Cheon

While telling the story of Jang Do-yeon’s date, which Hong Seok-cheon actually witnessed in “Dolsing 4 Man,” Jang Do-yeon also mentioned last year as her last relationship, and even confessed her frozen eggs.

Jang Do-yeon delivered an easy-going talk on SBS’ entertainment show “Dolsing 4 Man,” which aired on the 28th.

On this day, when Jang Do-yeon appeared as a guest, Im Won-hee embarrassed Jang Do-yeon by preparing a bouquet of bread from a famous restaurant for Jang Do-yeon. Tak Jae-hoon said, “I think I should get married at that much,” and Jang Do-yeon responded sensibly, saying, “So I haven’t eaten yet.”

At this time, Hong Seok-cheon said, “I was caught on a date at Jang Do-yeon’s Yeouido department store,” and Tak Jae-hoon said, “You’re dating a guy, too?” Jang Do-yeon said, “I did that in the past, but I didn’t meet a guy.” He confessed, “We broke up because of a lot of things, I was a non-celebrity.”

Lee Sang-min said, “Jang Do-yeon is really popular, but she doesn’t date,” referring to the rumor that Jang Do-yeon is a huge iron wall woman, and that’s why there is a rumor that a corner has been made. In response, the members challenged Tak Jae-hoon first, saying, “Let’s do a situational play to challenge the iron wall,” but failed.

The members of “Dolsing 4 Man” decided to appeal to Jang Do-yeon. When Kim Joon-ho said, “I’ve recently been popular with the topic and ratings,” Hong Seok-cheon said with a smile, “Using Kim Jimin?” and Kim Joon-ho said, “What do you mean, using it?” In response, Lee Sang-min embarrassed Kim Joon-ho, saying, “Did you think of an episode when Kim Ji-min’s junior Do-yeon came out as a guest?”

Tak Jae-hoon said, “A cool actor likes Kim Ji-min. What if he says he wants us to stop breaking up and save his business character?” What are you going to do?” When the launch of Disneyland was even mentioned, Kim Joon-ho said, “Tell Jimin about this situation, and I’ll break up with you for a while,” and everyone laughed, “Then I’ll lose Disney and all Jimin.”

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