Ok Joo-hyun

Ok Joo-hyun, the ratio of Matahari’s appearance is 8:2

Ok Joo-hyun

Ok Joo-hyun was embroiled in a controversy over the “casting monopoly” that he seemed to monopolize the musical episode this time.

On the 28th, a post about “Ok Joo-hyun, who was cast after being greedy for 8:2 in the episode,” was posted on the Deci Inside play and musical gallery, sparking a heated debate.

According to the musical schedule table posted in the article, Ok Joo-hyun and Kim So-hyang were double cast for the role of Matahari, but Ok Joo-hyun appeared overwhelmingly at a ratio of almost 8:2. On the other hand, Shin Sung-rok, Ryu Jeong-han, and Kim Joon-hyun, who played Colonel Radu, had similar proportions, Song Chang-ui and Um Ki-joon who played Armand, and Sunwoo and Hong Ki-joo, who played Catherine, had a half-starring schedule. In contrast, Ok Joo-hyun’s performance is overwhelmingly high.

In particular, such a forced march seemed to be a burden to Ok Joo-hyun himself, so there was a lot of talk.In fact, Ok Joo-hyun said, “The casting has been changed due to the actor’s health reasons. I apologize for the confusion caused by the sudden change,” he said in an announcement by the musical production company, failing to attend the first performance on April 23 and the second on April 24.

Netizens said, “Why are you so greedy?” “I think you’ve gone too far to imprint Matahari as yourself,” “Kim So-hyang is a Bodhisattva,” “Did you monopolize it because of the discrimination?” “What’s wrong with the actor’s greed?” “You shouldn’t be greedy for money.”

Meanwhile, Ok Joo-hyun shook the musical world by saying he would sue Kim Ho-young for making remarks aimed at “Okjangpan.” In response, the first generation of musical actors united and issued a statement, giving a nuance that seemed to support Kim Ho-young, and Ok Joo-hyun dropped the charges against Kim Ho-young. Since then, Ok Joo-hyun has continued his performance activities, including promotional schedules for “Mata Hari,” and has continued his “mental power.”

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