Kim Jiho

49-year-old Kim Jiho’s perfect flexibility from the back

Kim Jiho

Actor Kim Ji-ho showed a high-level yoga move.

On the 1st, Kim Ji-ho said on SNS, “Today, I started with Ashtanga, and I played a warm-up hit because my back and body were stiff and sick.” I sometimes copy it because I always have a calm voice and comfortable phrases are cute and healing. Stretch, maintain, and untie here and there.It’s sweaty, so if the pants are salty, water will come out. It seems that Capo and Br치schka are more comfortable after solving a lot of burrows. In the past, I used to do yoga because it was limited to Ashtanga, but these days, I choose yoga that my body wants to do on that day. Don’t put a blindfold on yoga. I feel more comfortable nowI’m going to eat breakfast. I’m hungry,” he said, posting several photos.

In the photo, Kim Ji-ho is doing yoga in his living room. In particular, Kim Ji-ho was envied because he maintained a perfect back and body even though he was 49 years old.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-ho married Kim Ho-jin in 2001 and has a daughter

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