Kim So-young and Oh Sang-jin’s parents and their four-year-old daughter are sweating


Kim So-young, a former announcer, went on a family trip.

Kim So-young shared her daily life on her personal Instagram on June 30 and July 1.

In a photo posted on June 30, Kim So-young is walking along the beach in Guam in a cropped costume. The slender body of 169cm and 53-55kg catches the eye.

Kim So-young, who enjoyed the trip, worked hard at night. Kim Soyoung said, “Everyone is sleeping. That’s why I brought work. He is the most peaceful person to look at what happened today even after he came on vacation and if there is anything he shouldn’t miss tomorrow,” he said, expressing his entrepreneurial side.

Since then, it was her daughter full of complaints that she was waiting for Kim So-young, who woke up after sleeping in. “Sangjin went out to drink with her father-in-law,” said Kim So-young. “My daughter keeps asking me to play cartoons on TV, but I can’t persuade her that it’s not coming out because it’s Guam. Then I’ll go to kindergarten.” “I can’t explain that I can’t go to kindergarten because I’m in Guam. I’m protesting with my pajamas.”

“Then you want me to go to Guam quickly?” The age of 4 is still difficult to communicate,” he said, expressing the difficulties of raising children in reality, which continues at travel destinations. In addition, he describes his daughter, who refused to have a breakfast buffet and said she would eat seaweed, stir-fried anchovies, and rice from Korea, as “Oscherlock, a lady,” drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim So-young married Oh Sang-jin, an announcer-turned-broadcaster in 2017, and has a daughter

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