Ajax Youth Winger’s Head Shot 35 year old Diary


It is a sad news that the winger Jerge Höfdrat, a former Ajax youth player who played in the Dutch league, has died.

A Suriname Dutchman, he learned to play as a youth player in Ajax from 1996 to 2004, and Hoffdrat, who grew up in Valbeik, Netherlands from 2004 to 2007, was recently confirmed to be a new club, but died at the age of 35.

Dutch newspaper The Telehraf reported the death of Hoepdrat on Thursday (Korean time). He was reported to have died of serious injuries on Sunday local time. After playing for Ajax Youth for a long time, he stopped by a music festival and suffered such a tragedy.

The Telehraf quoted police as saying that Hoppdrat’s death was reported. The suspect was specified, and a gunshot wound to the head was the direct cause of death.

Hoppdrat went to a music festival in Amsterdam and intervened to settle the dispute. Meanwhile, the person holding the gun aimed at his head, and soon the place where the festival was held turned into a space of fear.

He was taken to hospital after injury, but unfortunately, Hoppdrat couldn’t open his eyes again.

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